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Dr. Toni Galardi The LifeQuake Resilience Expert

The LifeQuake Repurposing Roadmap

An Online Video Course Compendium for The Lifequake Miracle

Now Only $397-

The Course


The LifeQuake Repurposing Roadmap is the perfect companion work to take you above and beyond the lessons and concepts from my latest book The LifeQuake Miracle.

In the course you get:

45+ Videos

10 Interviews with Thought Leaders

Meditations, Health Tips, Exercises and much more!

For the past 30 years I have been teaching people internationally how to successfully and soulfully navigate through their LifeQuakes through my 7 stage body, mind, and spirit roadmap.

For the first time, I am giving you my “tool box” in an easy to follow video course format.

This past year we have seen a massive global LifeQuake that will continue for a few more years. We are in the midst of epic transformation individually, tribally, and globally.

This course has been designed by me to help you master the fear of change, become resilient in times of uncertainty, discover your soul purpose and then participate, through becoming your Wholy Self, in the highest global evolution we have ever seen on this planet.

Praise For The LifeQuake Miracle

Finding one’s way successfully through great challenge can be VERY difficult.  The LifeQuake Miracle is a brilliant step-by-step formula for using chaos, whether global or personal, as an evolutionary driver to a greater life.

Dr. Toni Galardi gives the reader a dynamic life-giving path for using any crises as a birth to Greater Aliveness, Purpose and Fulfillment.

– Mary Morrissey
Best Selling Author of Building Your Field of Dreams

This book is unique and powerful, as it will take you step-by-step through the highest progression of your soul’s path. You will learn strategies to evolve your body, mind and spirit at various stages, even amidst external chaos. If the life you once knew has dissolved, and you’ve moved into shaky and unfamiliar territory, I strongly encourage you to read this book from cover to cover. It will give you both the understanding and structure you need to have a resilient and passionate life in which you thrive in the new world that’s emerging.”

– Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times best selling author Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Dr. Toni Galardi has assembled a rich and practical real-world guide to navigating the inevitable cosmic bumps and detours we all encounter here on planet Earth.

Her book is written from the heart and incorporates her own incredible “valley of the shadow of death” and mountaintop real-life experiences. Her detailed blueprint includes magical methods for creating a rich and rewarding life, by consciously calling upon the divine miracles that surround us all. Highly recommended! “

– Marty Tennant

The LifeQuake Miracle is an invaluable and potent antidote for the internal and external chaos we are experiencing on a collective level. Dr. Toni’s voice is one of wisdom and guidance. Her “toolbox” offers practical techniques to help navigate these uncertain times with grace and ease. The book serves as a soothing balm and a comfort to the soul, as well as a cultivator for self-awareness, inner reflection, and proactive growth. She offers everyday lifestyle practices that focus our attention to our inner emotional landscape as we process and release what no longer serves us, in the healthiest way possible. She helps us rewire our old negative patterns by using effective strategies for facilitating peace and calm throughout each day. The book has some very deep, yet highly accessible concepts. The end of each chapter offers developmental steps, which help us put the concepts into action. As I worked through this book, and through my own inner landscape, I found myself peeling back layers of the onion, breaking through old emotions, and old ways of defining myself, in order to get to my true and authentic voice. As a result, I have been able to access my voice and creativity on a whole other level. This book asks us to be open and observant. It asks us to be creative, and to be true. It asks us to move with the changes, like a dance, not a fight. It helps us create the “blueprints” for the life we are meant to live.

– Natasha Kubis

I really enjoyed reading this book. The author was so relatable that I could hear her voice as she wrote about experiences that I too have had. It was refreshing to learn about the vulnerabilities of a psychotherapist. The book has many great insights and tools to use which have been helpful for me. I am currently going through significant transitions in my life and will surely refer back to this book.

Loved this book. I’m a staff minister at a church and quoted a passage during our Sunday service. I’m so impressed with Dr. Galardi’s wisdom, knowledge and passion for helping and inspiring others. I highly recommend this book to anyone navigating challenges and growth.

– Rebecca Berry


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